Know Before You Buy

This is a handy app to dispense all the myths and sniffs
on what you can and cannot bring back to Singapore
from overseas, right from your pocket.


– Finalist for SITF Best Public Service Product 2014 –


Information architecture

To ensure that the content is easy to use is
one of the most important starting point for this app.
The content was organised to just 7 categories with
unnecessary text and content eliminated.


Where simple is not dull

Less is more. Colour coded categories,
info-graphics and no unnecessary text.


A fluid experience

Bouncy navigation provides feedback to the user as they scroll the categories. Subtle animation in the sub categories and content enhances the overall user experience.

Content Management System

A central repository of content was built to make
it easy to update text changes, and ensures
that content is always consistent on both platforms.
It also means the app can be built in native
rather than as a HTML5 app which has a
better user experience and performance.


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