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Business Strategy • User Experience Design • Creative • Technology • Content

Our Services

Application Development


We plan and develop web, mobile & cloud applications that are ready to take on the world with robust systems built to scale. We use Ruby on Rails as the backend framework to accelerate business logic into human friendly user interfaces to gather intelligence for your business decisions.

Application Maintenance


We maintain your technology stack and scale it so that you can focus on business. Maintaining the cloud stack from Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Computing, Digital Ocean and updating current features through agile development means zero downtime for your business as your team becomes more complex and collaboration even more critical.

Cloud Monitoring


Our Engineers monitor your cloud servers, optimising application and server layer 24/7. With stack trace, we track exceptions in real-time. This will give you insights to the errors that affect your customers. With our highly trained Dev Ops, we help you scale at a press of a button.



Design strategy, information planning, interface design, user experience, prototyping, interaction design and create & produce content, photography, illustration, motion graphics & videos. Putting these together for an ultimate goal of experiential design.

Cross-platform CMS


With a cross-platform content management infrastructure, you can serve the same content across all the screens that you need. In a presentation-free JSON format, it keeps the content in a cloud repository, enjoying the robust delivery infrastructure – simple scaling, stable uptime and blazing CDN.

Interactive Communication


Chat is the next user interface that is fuelling the Conversational Commerce. The ability to push action cards within a conversation means higher conversion for your app. With the low barrier to entry, because everyone knows how to type a message, we’ve implemented interactive communication for food distribution, healthcare and retail industries.

WordPress Development


Powering over 40% of websites, WordPress has become the CMS of choice for many. With a ready internal framework we could get your WordPress site up and running 50% faster.

WordPress Fixes and Maintenance


From plugin modifications, version updates, daily backups to theme edits, our engineers are well-versed with WordPress fixes and maintenance. If you just need that extra hand to do your daily posts or articles, we have a team of designers and engineers ready to work with you.

Give your business a human interface. With over 15 years of experience building web and mobile applications, we focus on business workflows

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